Pushing the Business Case for Records Management - Aligning Executive, IT, Legal and RM needs
Date & Time
Monday, May 30, 2022, 2:30 PM - 3:15 PM
Graham Sibley

"This session will walk through the current needs of Executives, Legal, IT, and RM, and will show how to build a business case for a program that aligns all parties on achieving a mutually beneficial outcome. The session will address strategic and practical needs of each party, as well as the cultural needs of the employees who will be affected. Understanding the KPIs of each group will open channels for improved communication and identify common goals that can be streamlined with better collaboration. Whether you work in a small corporation, or a large government body, this session will help you to build a better business case that resonates with all parties.  

This info session will cover:  

Current goals and KPIs of Executive, IT, Legal and Records departments  

Legal & Regulatory mandates for each  

Respective risks and budget considerations  

Resources to back up your research  

Identifying a cohesive solution that addresses collective needs  

How to present your business case  "