The Future has Started without us
Date & Time
Tuesday, May 31, 2022, 12:20 PM - 12:50 PM
Steve Weisman

"Preparing for the future sometimes feels like girding for battle with a big black dragon that is breathing fire and alerting whole communities to its disruptive effect. Other times, it’s more like accommodating a stray kitten who shows up one day and gradually spends so much time with us that you can’t remember when it actually moved in. 

As Covid-tested, working-from-home information professionals, we are now experiencing both sets of circumstances, as new technologies and practices have entered our lives both overtly and invisibly. This session takes a walk through the next-gen journey we’re on and talks about how “next-gen” in many ways is already “this gen” – even though we didn’t notice it happening. 

Topics we’ll cover include … 

• Metrics 

• Biometrics 

• Predictive Analytics 

• Machine Learning 

• AI 

• 3D Documents 

• Web3 

… plus the ramifications these hold for our information strategies and policy craftsmanship. 

If you’re involved with records, information governance, data management, or the technologies needed to succeed in these practices, then come get ready for what’s coming down the pike – and for what’s already arrived without you even noticing!"