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Steve Weisman
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Steve Weissman helps you Do Information Right by bringing order and discipline to your information and process practices. Known as The Info Gov Guy™, he equips clients to better their ability to find, leverage, secure, and assure business-critical information – and to successfully solve the “people” part of the puzzle as well. With 25+ years in the information profession, Weissman is a multi-credentialed consultant, analyst, instructor, and public speaker. Principal Consultant at Holly Group, he is a long-time contributor to associations including AIIM and ARMA, and is honored to be both an AIIM Fellow and recipient of AIIM’s prestigious Award of Merit.

Weissman is highly regarded for his populist style and is uniquely accessible for a thought leader of his experience and stature. A dynamic writer and in-demand public speaker, he blogs regularly, presents often to C-level executives and internal program teams, and consistently ‘wows’ participants in public and private conferences, workshops, and webinars.

He is best reached at steve@hollygroup.com / 617-383-4655 / @steveweissman. ... Selected 2021 presos: ARMA Dallas - Analytics AI & RM '21 / ARMA Int'l Webinar - Quantity vs Quality: A Sports-Eye View / ARMA InfoCon - 5 Steps to Doing Information Right / NIRMA - Everything is Information
Steve Weisman