Are Your Long-Term and Permanent Records Future-Proofed?
Date & Time
Monday, May 30, 2022, 3:25 PM - 4:10 PM
Lori Ashley Halley Grogan

"Today, most organizations rely on electronically stored information (ESI) created and managed in dozens of applications to meet their complex business, legal, and regulatory compliance obligations. But digital information is fragile and subject to rapidly changing technology environments. This reality can impair not only the defensible disposition of temporary records but also put the authenticity, accessibility, and usability of long-term (>10 years) and permanent electronic records at risk. This session will explain why waiting until the “end” of the records lifecycle to consider preservation may be too late.

This presentation will describe the major workflows used to future-proof permanent and long-term (10+ year retention) electronic records and their essential metadata.  Case studies and implementation strategies for building trustworthy digital repositories will be explored.  Practical examples of public and private sector records preservation in action will be shared along with recommendations for integrating the governance of preservation services and technologies into existing RIM programs.

This presentation will build on the expertise and experience of records management and governance professionals and does not have any prerequisites."